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...fosters DESIGN, INNOVATION, MAKERSPACE, and ENTREPRENEURSHIP on campuses and the ecosystems that surround them. Consortium members define, build, and deliver better ways to Make Impact.

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Many universities look to support their missions by establishing cultures of making on their campuses. They recognize their responsibility…

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Companies that partner with the Make Impact Consortium help us build the makers of the future. 

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Public Sector

Public sector, foundation and other not-for-profit partners know the value of robust design, innovation, makerspace and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

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The Make Impact Consortium supports Design, Innovation, Makerspace and Entrepreneurship programs on campuses around the world.

Organizing design challenges, seminars, workshops, and other interactive and collaborative activities, the Consortium helps schools, help their students, Make Impact.

Through collaborations with industry partners, foundations, government, NGO, and other public sector and not-for-profit organizations, the Consortium ensures that students address real-world issues, while building in-demand skills.

Global networking. Leveraging leading practices. Fostering innovation, and accelerating economic development on and near campuses:

These are key elements of the wider purpose of the Make Impact Consortium.


Make Impact Consortium events

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Our vision is to build the environment and resources through which academic and corporate members share best practices, and to facilitate synergistic relationships to attract, educate, support, employ and deploy the next generation of innovative and entrepreneurial makers.


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Academics News

15 June
MIT Student Making Story: “Making space in my schedule to go to the maker space”

A student perspective on the first year maker training program at MIT from one of our founding…

18 March
Omni Hotels & Resorts Covid-19 Design And Innovation Challenge Winners

Congratulations to all the winners this morning in the Omni Hotels and Resorts Covid-19 Design Challenge! Well…

7 January
Current Challenge: The Omni Hotels & Resorts COVID-19 Design and Innovation Challenge

The Make Impact Consortium is currently hosting the Omni Hotels & Resorts COVID-19 Design and Innovation Challenge…

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The Make Impact Consortium is a global organization delivering Design, Innovation, Makerspace and Entrepreneurial programs. Organized by MIT, Consortium member universities partner with businesses and public sector organizations to create opportunities that help students Make Impact.